at an artist-run frame shop.

Entrust your art to an artist


Photo by Darcy Finley

A word from shop-owner Lizzy Burt aka Bev:

In 2013, I had the pleasure of being trained in the art of custom picture framing from the wonderful and skilled team at shop down Pembina in Winnipeg. I enjoyed working there thoroughly and even joked to my coworkers who had become friends, that I'd start my own shop and hire them so we could continue working together indefinitely. I didn't know it would become such a passion at the time.

Having come from a background in restaurant hospitality, my goals were to work quickly and  efficiently. Those goals changed, as the ingredients of the skill set were completely different. I had never worked with so many tiny lines of a measuring tape, pieces of equipment that demanded an attentive eye, and so many parts that had to come together to fit perfectly as an end result. Let's just say... I made a lot of mistakes and it took nearly one year to feel like I could do picture framing on an ongoing basis. 


It forced me slow down,

to be mindful.

to be gentle,

and to get in touch with myself.


I moved on to another location after obtaining the confidence needed for a bigger shop with more projects and responsibility and was the sole picture framer there for three more years. With the new challenge of a larger shop, came new insights and additions to my skill set that I couldn't have imagined. My passion for the craft grew immensely, along with a desire for being my own boss as I would day dream of putting my own stamp on the back of framework I was proud to call my own.

Six months after I had left and had begun preparing myself for what my own shop would need, an ad was shared with me for what is now the first location of the cozy, little shop that is


Bevvy Teyems' Custom Picture Framing.

As a picture framer, I engage my deep care for, and build beautiful space around artworks, adding them to the lively backdrop of our homes. It is a wonderfully fulfilling way to spend my time and energy, and one way in which I aim to serve. Having art in our homes and lives supplies us with inspiration, energy, aesthetic, and comfort, offering a fundamental impact on our mental health. 

Bevvy Teyems starts with custom picture framing - preserving, protecting and presenting artworks, memorabilia, you name it.

But that isn't where ends.

Getting money in artist's pockets and being a location for community to happen is a priority. The shop is a unique location for hosting small events that include music, workshops and markets. Check out the Events page for upcoming events, and if you're interested in bringing your own small event here, feel free to shoot over an email.

This little shop is looking forward to being a bigger location in the future, with a goal of training other artists in the craft, having a gallery, stocking art supplies, including a venue for music events, restaurant and cafe, library, art and dance studios and more.


It's a big dream, and I'd love for you to be a part of it.

* * * * * 

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Stylus Magazine

Hi! I'm so glad you are peaking around the Bevvy Teyems website. On this page I'm going to briefly outline my journey with custom picture framing, what led me to start my cozy shop, what Bevvy Teyems means to me and where I plan to take this wee little business with your help.


I have big plans, and by supporting this shop you are supporting the path to reach its goals drenched in creating real community and opportunity for artists and art-lovers across a plethora of mediums in Winnipeg and beyond through the long-term.