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A word that I have been pondering this week is "Hiding" and all it means to me as I still work on coming out of my shell in a meaningful, authentic and professional way. Before my shop was bestowed unto me from the universe and the commencement of my journey with it, I was feeling more like a bent out of shape hermit.

Being a picture framer is 100% in line with my personality, other stuff... not so much. I enjoy being behind the scenes and working at my own pace. Now I have to *actually* put myself out there, because my livelihood depends on it. I'm getting better at it but make no mistake it is a big challenge for me.

I am always working on balancing the peace and stillness of coordinating framing for clients and the hustle of owning a business and everything that comes with that. Hiding - What happens when you don't want to hide anymore? What happens when you can't hide anymore? It's a major transition that effects a large portion of life. How does the self change - how does it stay the same? How can I learn to be me in all situations? Because honestly, it does not come naturally outside of the shop!

I'm glad I discovered the art of picture framing, and I am even more glad I am discovering everything else that comes along with the path it is taking me down as I walk as fearlessly as I can, placing the bricks in front of my feet as I go. The bricks are messy but as I look back wow they have become better-placed over time and will only get better as I begin to make designs in the brick-lay and add flares of my true self more and more.

Maybe I'll let my philosophical voice out a bit more as I slowly un-hide my self 😉 I feel more my self just sharing these thoughts.

I hope you have a fantastic and authentic day! How can you add a little flare of yourself into your day? Maybe it's looking your barista in the eye and saying "I hope you have a fantastic day today" or, lighting a candle at dinner just because. Maybe its deciding all the "!" aren't actually an honest reflection of who you are when communicating and that's ok. How can you live in accordance with yourself today?

Regardless, I hope you have a f*cking rockin day today.

Photo taken by Louise Wagret, Drop Pictures

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