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October?! Where has the summer gone.

What a year it has been. I'd like to thank everyone who has taken a look around their home and decided that with a new found "being around more" comes the memory of "it's time to frame those things I've been meaning to frame!".

The shop had to close for a couple months at the beginning of the pandemic, but once we were able to open again and things got moving, we made a good (temporary?) recovery without asking for a penny from the community. It hasn't been easy but we are still here and still working safely.

With numbers going up, nothing is certain again and we hope to make it through the winter with good spirits, smiling faces along with everyone else experiencing the intense pressures that come with a global pandemic.

My heart goes out to anyone having a tough time right now, let's make sure we are checking in on loved ones as we further separate from each other so that we can be close once again without anxiety.

The frame shop is open, with a few changes that will help alleviate some pressure and stress that the pandemic has caused. Like having a minimum of 4 weeks turn around - there have been many surprise long waits for material that normally don't happen, with vague communication down the line making it difficult to keep my word on completion of work. The shop will have a number of frame mouldings and mats in stock to help alleviate this but of course with custom framing being such an intimate process, the perfect ensemble may take time to get back to you. I think it's worth the wait though ;^)

With all said and done, we certainly hope you get in touch about your next framing project!

Wishing you all the best in health, safety, happiness and abundance,

Bev aka Lizzy

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