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Shop Update During Covid-19

Business during a global pandemic... it is counter-intuitive to say the least! Regardless of one's views on the current epidemic the world is wrapped around, many people have been majorly effected, losing jobs and income while continuing to have expenses. Luckily, we have some resources to help keep ourselves afloat but scraping by when you have a business to run doesn't work.

It was a tough couple months. Unfortunately anything business related came to a halt due to issues surrounding Covid-19. The shop did not accept new orders nor let orders leave as a precaution to myself as well as customers in the thick of the epidemic.

The pandemic forced me to come to a complete stop. Stress is a funny thing and pivoting is hard when you're already learning everything as you go + I had just started getting the hang of things as a sole prorpietor! But that's ok.

As restrictions loosen, with mixed feelings, the shop is opening back up by appointment only.

Unfortunately, governement funding does not cover all our costs as expenses have gone up, taxes are due and I've had nearly no income for the biz.

I will be putting together a small fundraiser to help make for all the losses and I really hope I can count on some support from the community to help keep the shop open and going. It would mean the WORLD to me and the future of the shop 💙💙

Wishong everyone the best in health and safety at this time, and at all teyems ;)


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