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Winnipeg, R2M 3L6

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Professional framing

with new and re-purposed materials

  • Corporate Framing

  • Archival Options

  • Non Reflective and UV Control Glass 

  • Dry Mounting

  • Custom Framing

  • Unique Custom Mat Options

  • Vintage & Antique Re-Purposing

  • Framing On a Budget

  • Framing Embroidery


Delicate, intention, visionary.

A variety of beautiful, sleek frame profiles to choose from.

Perfect for bringing out your piece's stand-alone voice.

It's pure potential.

It's pure magic.


Re-built, Re-purposed, Re-loved.

A collection of fantastic, once-loved framed looking for a new home.

Perfect for your piece to sit in comfortably, as if they had been made for each other all along.

It's pure magic.

It's pure potential.

Note: The descriptions for New & Re-Purposed can be, absolutely, with out a doubt, interchangeable.